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"John had his thing, and Paul had his, and together there were two different things all together. But they fit."
Billy Preston

"The Beatles did treat me as a member of the group. And that was a great honor, you know?"
Billy Preston

"There have only been six members of The Beatles and I was the fifth. I am very proud to wear that tag. Who wouldn’t be?"
Pete Best

"To this day I don’t know the reason the band wanted me out. There are lots of theories, but who knows? It’s OK. I’ve moved on."
Pete Best

"I think that one of the nice things about the Yellow Submarine movie is that it seems to be perennial. People enjoy watching from each generation. And it was like the Beatles themselves. You know the Beatles seem to find new audience each time another generation comes along."
George Martin

"They were rather war-weary during Beatles for Sale. One must remember that they'd been battered like mad throughout '64, and much of '63. Success is a wonderful thing, but it is very, very tiring."
George Martin

"John was in constant need of proof of love and security and he was constantly testing people for that proof."
Cynthia Lennon

"They each had so much material of their own, too much to be contained. It had to spill over. For George, it was perfect timing. I'm sure John and Paul felt the same because they made albums right after The Beatles broke up."
Olivia Harrison, about the timing of the Beatles split-up

Question: "Do you think he (George) would ever have got back with The Beatles if the others had wanted a reunion?"
Olivia Harrison: "I think so, yes, I do, because he had great love for the others. He really did. As you get older, you value and treasure your friends so much more."

“The Beatles were a group made up of four very complex men – my small hand could not have broken those men up. They broke up because they’d reached an end; but in doing so they all created wonderful new beginnings.”
Yoko Ono

"No one person could have broken up a band, especially one the size of the Beatles."
Yoko Ono

"What the Beatles did was something incredible, it was more than what a band could do. We have to give them respect."
Yoko Ono

"I didn't know the Beatle's songs so well until I started to become responsible for them. Having to check it, listen to it, and make sure everything is alright reminded me how each one has some kind of special energy."
Yoko Ono

"John loved and prayed for the human race. Please tell people to pray the same for him. Remember that he had deep faith in love and that, though he has now joined the greater force, he is still with us."
Yoko Ono, December 1980

“I felt I knew him...John referred to Stuart daily.”
Yoko Ono about Stuart Sutcliffe

"Now Daddy is part of God. I guess when you die you become much more bigger, because you're part of everything."
Sean Lennon, December 1980

"I love my dad, but being Ringo's son is the biggest drag in my life. It's a total pain."
Zak Starkey

"John is so special because he writes right away what he feels."
Klaus Voormann

“When it started with the big Lennon and McCartney thing, and it was hit after hit, I used to see George (Harrison) and (ask) ‘Why aren’t you writing the music?’ I think the Lennon and McCartney thing was too much for him to sort of handle.”
Bill Harry

"Look guys, if you're just going to stare at me, I'm going to bed!"
Elvis Presley to the Beatles when they met August 27, 1965

“There is no way I’d be doing what I do now if it wasn’t for The Beatles. I was watching the Ed Sullivan show and I saw them. Those skinny little boys, kind of androgynous, with long hair like girls. It blew me away that these four boys in the middle of nowhere could make that music."
Gene Simmons, KISS

“I read up on The Beatles, who they were, where they were from. I learnt about Liverpool, Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, Ringo’s band, and The Quarrymen and all that. I read up everything they did in the news. I followed their failures and their successes."
Gene Simmons, KISS

"The Beatles were a band, of course, and I loved their music. But they were also a cultural force that made it OK to be different. They didn’t look like everyone else, and they still made the girls scream.”
Gene Simmons, KISS

"I don't know about friends, but what time I spent with The Beatles they were very courteous to me."
Peter Tork of The Monkees

"It was like a merry-go-round in my head, they looked absolutely astonishing... My whole life changed in a couple of minutes. All I wanted was to be with them and to know them."
Astrid Kirchherr on meeting the pre-fame Beatles

"The clash between John and Paul was becoming obvious" and "as far as Paul was concerned, George could do no right."
Norman Smith, recording engineer, of the growing conflict during the Rubber Soul sessions

".... the most sophisticated pop musician that I knew of and liked was Paul McCartney."
Freedy Johnston

"... Then my mother gave me a copy of "Let it Be" by the Beatles. It was all over after that. I bought every Beatles album and every album by anyone who hung out with the Beatles- The Stones, The Kinks, The Who, etc. I went through the British Invasion about 20 years too late."
Miles Zuniga, Fastball

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