Beatles Quotes

John Lennon reading a newspaper

"What I'd have liked would have been the money and the hit records without the fame."

John Lennon Quotes

Paul McCartney with his Hofner bass

"At the end of the Beatles, I really was done in for the first time in my life. Until then, I really was a kind of cocky sod."

Paul McCartney Quotes

George Harrison and his Gretsch guitar

"The biggest break in my career was getting into the Beatles in 1962. The second biggest break since then is getting out of them."

George Harrison Quotes

Ringo Starr in deep thought

"I couldn't put my finger on one reason why we broke up. It was time, and we were spreading out. They were spreading out more than I was. I would've stayed with the band."

Ringo Starr Quotes

The Beatles and others behind a fence

Quotes about the Beatles from singers, musicians, family, actors, authors, celebrities, and many others.

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